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Our custom-designed systems control the water levels in your soil, allowing you to enhance your crop production.

Why should you ditch?


Controlled subsurface drainage makes possible a better balance between water drainage and water retention needs. Because of this, ditching is an essential part of successful farming. Failure to install a drainage system or incorrectly installing a system can accelerate water contamination or dessicate soil during droughts. Maintenance of improperly installed systems can become a financial burden.


Farmers are often concerned with the sustainability of their farms and ditching is a key element. Sustainable design results in ditches that are largely self-maintaining. Also, proper drainage encourages minimum net pollution and nutrient transport.

Flooding is also a major concern for farmers, causing recurring crop loss and loss of income. Subsurface drainage to ditches removes excess water from fields with minimal erosion and pollution transport, which often result from direct surface runoff, while helping to eliminate drought caused by excess drainage that may occur in fields with no drainage system.

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Services available include drainage design, tile installation, waterway design & construction, horizontal boring, excavation and septic systems.

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