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Surface & Sub-Surface Drainage Solutions

DirtWorks Drainage surface & sub-surface drainage solutions serve agricultural customers, landowners and any stubborn water drainage issue around your construction projects.

Controlled subsurface drainage makes possible a better balance between water drainage and water retention needs. Because of this, field tile installation, or ditching, is an essential part of successful farming. Failure to install a drainage system or incorrectly installing a system can accelerate water contamination or desiccate soil during droughts.

Our tile installation team is proud to carry on the tradition of drain tile installation with the latest materials & technology. 

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Field Tile Installation

DirtWorks Drainage's custom engineered, designed and executed field tile installation services will solve stubborn field drainage issues.

Services offered include: 

  • RTK - GPS Surveying 

  • Topographic Map Creation 

  • Engineering, Design & Consultation

  • Locating & Mapping 

  • Field "ditching" installation 

  • Repair & Restoration 

Waterway Design & Construction

Waterways are a critical part of farm management. 

We build agricultural waterways for NRCS (Natural Resources Conservation Service) projects. DirtWorks has capabilities to construct the design of your waterway or execute designs created by NRCS with our GPS guidance technology. 

DirtWorks also offers Wetland Design & Construction. 


Higher Crop Yield

Farmers who choose us for field tile installation reap the benefits of higher crop yields for years to come due to better soil balance. Properly installed tile systems drain excess water allowing crop roots to grow deeper into the soil & growing stronger higher producing yields. 

Drainage installation also helps to combat soil erosion which adds to your fields sustainability.  

As a family owned & operated business we understand legacy and the desire to pass the farm on to the next generation in better condition than you found it.


Contact us today for a quote & site visit! 

Flooding Prevention 

Flooding is also a major concern for farmers, causing recurring crop loss and loss of income. Subsurface drainage to ditches removes excess water from fields with minimal erosion and pollution transport, which often result from direct surface runoff, while helping to eliminate drought caused by excess drainage that may occur in fields with no drainage system.

Contact us today at 330-823-8823 to request a quote and site visit. 

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