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Energy Access,
Restoration & Reclamation

DirtWorks Drainage offers a large spectrum of  services to the Energy Industry including Access, Right-of-way, slip repair, soil stabilization. Think all things Dirt around your pre-construction, active-construction & post construction project phases. 



DirtWorks Drainage Energy Industry services provide temporary & lasting right-of-way access solutions such as clearing, grading and maintenance. DirtWorks installs RCE (Rock Construction Entrances), establish new access,  performs maintenance on existing access, as well as airbridge installation and matting to provide access even in difficult terrain. 

Site Work

DirtWorks combines our expertise in drainage, water solutions, and excavation to provide quality site work around your projects. DirtWorks Team Members can install Erosion Control to meet any environmental specs; While also meeting project needs of varying scopes from small week projects such as simple site work, to larger more complex scopes like slip repair restoration & reclamation.


Natives to harsh weather, we can handle projects in difficult terrains and in varying weather conditions with our highest safety standards in mind. 


DirtWorks has successfully executed Pipeline Stream exposures through rip-rap and armor form installation. 

Click here to learn more about our Slip-Repair & Restoration Services


Additional Energy Services:

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  • Environmental Compliance Monitoring at pre-construction, active construction and post construction phases.

  • ECD Installation &  Removal 

  • Winter Monitoring Services 

  • Dam & Pump Around Stream Work 

  • Hydro-seeding 

  • Welding, Fabrication, Machining & Design

  • General Excavation Services 

  • Anomaly/Integrity Digs

  • Subsidence Work, including Mine Subsidence exposures and reclamation

  • Potholing  

  • Field Abandonment Work

  • Bulk Material Hauling & Trucking Services 

  • Traffic Control 

Our strategic partnerships allow for competitive pricing around install projects to bring a full service solution to market. 

Have a difficult project? Contact our team to discuss our In-House Design Build Solutions. 

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